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When our patients and their families learned we were updating our website to promote patient choice for dialysis options in San Diego County and the surrounding areas, we had an outpouring of support to assist with this mission. Most of the photos incorporated on this website are actual patients who expressed a desire to participate and represent that our business model has helped them to successfully manage the chronicity of their kidney disease with home dialysis. Many of our patients have had experiences with in-center hemodialysis, and these patients, in particular, encourage all patients to know their home dialysis options. Learn how our patients have used home dialysis to improve their quality of life.

“When I first was told I would need to have dialysis, I was crushed. I soon learned that I had a fantastic team working for and with me. I am totally pleased with my home dialysis experience. The nurses, staff, and Dr. King are concerned and helpful. They made me feel that they truly cared. I would be happy to advise anyone that needs dialysis to use Home Dialysis of San Diego.”
“My least favorite treatment option is hemodialysis at the clinic three times a week. I am 42 years old and I have been on dialysis since January 14, 2002. Initially, after going into kidney failure, I was started on hemodialysis at the clinic. After some time, it was suggested to me by my nephrologist to do peritoneal dialysis. This worked well for me for a time, but unfortunately I got peritonitis on two occasions (at this time I was very immune compromised). The second time, there was a lot of scarring and I had gotten very sick, so I was unable to do peritoneal dialysis again and I returned to hemodialysis at the clinic three times a week. At some point, I changed doctors and Dr. King, my new doctor, suggested that I try home dialysis. Now I have been on home dialysis for about 6 years.”
“To face the reality of dialysis due to failing kidneys is not easy. It involves apprehension of the unknown dialysis process and the degree to which it will be a life-changing experience. So, it was a relief that my first encounter with Home Dialysis Therapies of San Diego was encouraging with the assurance by staff of full support of my decision to choose Peritoneal Dialysis as a preferred treatment.”
“My dialysis experience began while I was on the operating table having heart surgery. The tests that confirmed that I had almost complete heart artery blockage also reduced what little kidney function I had remaining to near zero. So my first hemodialysis session was while I was “on the table”. After surgery, I chose home peritoneal dialysis (PD) as the best fit for my lifestyle. I was still working and wanted to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Since a catheter must be placed before this type of dialysis can begin, I endured many weeks of in-center hemo before I could be ready to train to do in-home PD.”
“I wanted to thank you for the excellent services that Home Dialysis Therapies of San Diego has provided for my father and my family. The comprehensive and intimate care that my father has been given while undergoing Peritoneal Home Dialysis has been remarkable and reassuring. You have created a model program in which personal and professional attention to detail and service is unsurpassed!

Your staff has shown themselves to be a dedicated team of professionals, from the nurses, dietician, social worker, receptionist, who work together as a highly capable and nurturing group. Attention to detail and diligent infection control standards is clearly evident.

We are so grateful that an otherwise difficult medical condition such as kidney failure can be treated in a manner that promotes compassion, respect, empathy, empowerment and dignity to the medically-compromised patient. We feel lucky to be under your care at Home Dialysis Therapies of San Diego!”
“This story started when I was 18 years old. I was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes which brought on many complications over the years. I started on in-center hemodialysis when I was with Kaiser in 1999. I was fortunate to get a kidney and pancreas transplant in 2000; my life changed, it was perfect again.

In 2009, my transplanted kidney began to peter out. Due to changes in my insurance, I started seeing Scripps doctors at that time. Dr. King is the best thing that ever happened to me!”

Next Step

Interested in speaking with one of our patients about their dialysis experience? Or, are you a family member considering being a care partner or caregiver for a loved one on home dialysis? Contact us and we will be happy to make the connection for you to speak directly with someone who has been where you are now.
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