I Need Dialysis

Now What...

When you receive news from your doctor that you need to start dialysis, there is no right or wrong way to react. You may approach dialysis as simply the next chapter in your life or you may feel frightened, overwhelmed, or even angry. You may even be resistant to starting dialysis. Regardless, you do not want your sense of well-being, vision for the future, and quality of life to be compromised. At HDT, we can help you manage these concerns.

At this point, you may be gathering information about kidney disease and treatment options. It is common to have many questions and wonder how the dialysis time commitments will fit into your busy schedule. Perhaps you are at the point where you are simply ready to start dialysis and feel better or you may have just found out about needing dialysis. In either case, we are here to educate you about your options for treatment. We will help answer all of your questions and ensure you feel confident about the treatment choices you make.

Reading about your diagnosis and treatment options or watching a video can only take you so far. We believe in 1-on-1 comprehensive education with a highly trained dialysis nurse. At HDT, we want you to make your own educated treatment choices in conjunction with your physician. Treatment options education with HDT is free of charge and there is no obligation to utilize our home dialysis services.

Next Step

Contact HDT for a 1-on-1 treatment options class with a registered nurse who can educate you about what dialysis modality will best support your goals for your individual, independent, lifestyle.
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