Career Opportunity

Interested in a Career at Home Dialysis Therapies?

Why is a career at Home Dialysis Therapies worthy of consideration? A job is more than just a salary and benefits! The employees (and patients) at Home Dialysis Therapies of SD are loyal for a reason. For those of you considering a career in dialysis care, this job affords you the opportunity to develop relationships with your patients, to be an educator, a case manager and a hands-on nurse without the stresses of shift work. Your patients depend on you and your doctors respect you. For those already with dialysis experience, HDT believes in primary care nursing and carefully adheres to limiting the total number of patients under your care, so we hire forward! We know that your ability to achieve the mission and vision of HDT requires you to have the time and support needed. Home dialysis at HDT allows you to practice what you trained for, get paid well and to maintain work life balance.

Most importantly, HDT is a relatively small shop with owners and managers that care for you on a personal level. Your voice is heard and changes can occur fast. Laughter and job satisfaction are part of every day and that is worth a lot!


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