My Loved One Has Kidney Disease

Help is Here

If someone you care about has advanced chronic kidney disease and you would like to help, you have come to the right place! Although dialysis is a lifesaving treatment, it can also be life-altering as well. When confronted with the need for dialysis, it is common to feel sad, frightened, and overwhelmed. As you and your loved one learn more about the process and choices available, it will make you feel more empowered and hopeful.

We are here to help educate you about kidney disease and the various treatment options available. This knowledge base will help you support your loved one so he or she can continue to lead a fulfilling life. We want to arm you and your loved one with knowledge about kidney disease, renal diet recommendations, as well as all of the home and in-center dialysis options available. With this knowledge, your loved one will be able to make the best decisions about his or her care. Thank you for visiting our site.

Next Step

We look forward to helping you and your loved one. Please contact us to schedule a free, 1-on-1 consultation with a nurse who specializes in caring for patients with kidney disease.
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