Korri, RN

HDT KorriRegistered Nurse

Korri has been with HDT since January 2011. Her nursing career spans 20+ years. As a peritoneal dialysis nurse, Korri promotes our caring, team approach to care, which is personalized for every patient and family situation. Korri is also skilled at providing 1-on-1 options training, educating patients and families, and empowering them to make the dialysis choice that is best for them. How can you maintain the lifestyle that is best for you and your loved ones? What mode of dialysis will help you accomplish this? Korri can help you take a look at all the important factors so you make the choice that is right for you, “it is rewarding for me as a nurse to teach you the tools you need to regain or maintain independence and be in control of your own care”. If peritoneal dialysis is your choice of treatment, together we will manage your care to help promote your health and sense of wellbeing.