Cynthia, LCSW

HDT CynthiaLicensed Clinical Social Worker

Cynthia has been a medical social worker in San Diego County for 15+ years. She began her journey with Home Dialysis Therapies in January of 2012. Cynthia is a staunch advocate who teaches patients and families how to navigate the resources available to them in the community. She also helps them facilitate coping with the chronicity of kidney disease. When one experiences a medical problem, it can have profound effects on all facets of one’s life, including the lives of loved ones.

Are you having a hard time coping with kidney disease, dialysis, financial concerns, juggling work and your medical care, or caring for your loved one? Cynthia is very skilled at helping patients manage the ripple effects of acute and chronic illness; she can help you ride the inevitable waves when they come as well.