To face the reality of dialysis due to failing kidneys is not easy. It involves apprehension of the unknown dialysis process and the degree to which it will be a life-changing experience. So, it was a relief that my first encounter with Home Dialysis Therapies of San Diego was encouraging with the assurance by staff of full support of my decision to choose Peritoneal Dialysis as a preferred treatment.

HDT-123-woman-dog-beachFrom the beginning, I felt comfortable with the supportive and caring attitude of my nurse. I was a slow learner and, must confess, there were moments of discouragement; but, she never wavered in her conviction. She said, “I can do it”. The thorough, competent follow-up by the entire team –- nephrologist, nurse, dietician and social worker –- made me feel to be in good hands. One year later, I feel the same way and I am grateful.


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