As a healthcare provider, you find yourself in the position of helping patients navigate the often complex maze of services in the community. When most healthcare workers think about dialysis, the most common modality that comes to mind is standard in-center hemodialysis. It is hoped that this presumption will no longer be the default as providers and patients become more informed about home dialysis options. Bridging services and patientsHDT can help you with your patient’s care coordination:

  • Education for patients and families who have time to prepare to make a decision about which dialysis modality is best for them.
  • Urgent start patients who begin dialysis unexpectedly while in the hospital.
  • Assistance for patients who express dissatisfaction with quality of life related to dialysis. Different modalities can be explored as one’s dialysis experience persists.
  • Transition to a home modality for patients who are poorly tolerating in-center hemodialysis.
  • Viable dialysis options for critically ill patients for whom transportation is difficult, patients with tracheostomies with or without ventilator support, morbid obesity, isolation precautions, and other barriers who’s needs cannot be accommodated in a traditional dialysis setting.
It is preferred that patients visit one our facilities for treatment options education because we have ready access to equipment and supplies for them visualize. However, we recognize that one size does not fit all. So treatment options education can also be done in a variety of settings like hospitals, long term acute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities or in their own home based on the individual needs of the patient.

To initiate a patient specific referral to HDT, call or print the referral form. HDT staff is also available to provide in-services to groups about home dialysis options, as well as the lifestyle and clinical benefits that it affords people in our community with advanced chronic kidney disease.

HDT Referral Form

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At HDT, we are here to help you bridge the care of your patients across the continuum. Learn more about Home Dialysis Therapies of San Diego by downloading our brochure: PDF downloadHDT Brochure (English) HDT Brochure (Spanish)