Coping with, and managing, a chronic illness can, and will, at times take a toll on you and your loved ones. Almost everyone with a chronic condition will experience acute flare ups that alter routine and one’s sense of well-being. There may also be circumstances where things seem to be going well; and, then there is a setback. For some, there comes a time when a setback is experienced that one is not expected to overcome. Or, despite best efforts to get things going in the right direction, decline is progressive.

HDT woman walkingAt the core, every patient wants to feel good, be free of emotional and physical suffering, and have their affairs in order. Every family wants their loved one to live well and to be comfortable. When quantity of remaining lifespan comes into question, quality of life does not have to be compromised. We are here to help when tough choices need to be made so that the choices do not feel so challenging and hopeless.

Many patients on dialysis also have other health considerations that are not related to kidney disease. Examples are: heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, peripheral vascular disease, brain injury, cancer, etc. Patients on dialysis CAN receive hospice care. We will educate you regarding guidelines and options. If you choose to continue with a home dialysis modality, but have a need for hospice care, we have a good working relationship with area hospices and we can help to ensure that your needs, and the needs of your loved ones, are met.

In other circumstances, predicated by advancing age, medical complications, or simply self-determination, some patients opt to discontinue dialysis. At HDT, we will respect your choices for your care. If, in conjunction with your care team, you are able to make an informed decision and express that the burdens of dialysis outweigh the benefits for you, we will help you to get hospice services in place. We will help ensure that you are cared for with dignity at the end of your life, and that your loved ones have the support that they need.

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Dialysis, and no dialysis, are choices. We at HDT are here to support you through the continuum. For help with your questions, please contact us for support.